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Clean Green Merino: We Knew We Could Do it Better

We are not afraid to admit it: we have been raving fans of Merino Wool for over 20 years. As avid outdoors fans and active everything, we know that nothing breathes better, moves more fluidly or lasts longer than Merino Wool. That being said, we also knew there was a gaping hole in the Merino Wool staples. T-shirts are the building blocks of our active wear wardrobe and we wanted more from our t-shirts.

Starting there we launched a search for the best New Zealand partner available with the same high standards and sustainability goals that we have. With this strong partnership we are able to bring our favorite merino wool t-shirts to the United States and share with our local family and friends.

When you are outside moving, nothing is closer to your body than your t-shirt. Ours are perfect for layering or standalone; we believe in our Clean Green Merino shirts and know that you will also. Be sure to reach out to us if there is some clothing you would like to see or if you have any questions.

Don’t forget that we offer corporate sales and work with retailers to bring Clean Green Merino directly to your customers.

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