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Merino Wool: So Incredible, It Sells Itself

At Clean Green Merino, we’re committed to providing comfortable clothing for your next great adventure—or adventurous shoppers. You can’t purchase a more perfect fabric than Merino wool for your store. It’s a completely natural, long-lasting fabric that has maximum breathability and comfort. Crafted for performance and sustainability, it’s more than your average t-shirt. Our products are made with 100% Merino wool directly from sheep in Auckland, New Zealand, so they don’t contain wool blends or faux materials. They’re carefully hand-crafted by wool specialists in Auckland, who use ultimate care and precision to produce the highest quality clothing.

Merino wool is a truly special material. The fabric is all-natural and breathable, and helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. It even has remarkable antibacterial properties, so it stays odor-free—even after several uses! Unlike typical wool material from the past, Merino wool feels soft on your skin, not itchy. It’s flame-resistant and has the ability to absorb UV radiation before it harms your skin. Clean Green Merino uses this amazing material in all our products. Since we’re also dedicated to preserving our planet’s resources, we appreciate that Merino wool is clean for the environment, biodegradable, and sustainable. 

The quality of our wool products is simply unmatched. With all its amazing qualities, it sells itself. Contact us today to learn more about carrying Clean Green Merino clothing in your shop. 

100% Organic

Merino wool is an all-natural fiber that is renewable on a yearly basis and is biodegradable. No other fabric on the market can boast the same benefits that our Merino wool can. Our fabric is soft, comfortable, and lightweight and also insulates the body, helping to regulate body temperature. By choosing to buy Clean Green Merino products, you are making a smart choice that is clean for the environment and ensures quality clothing for you for years to come.

We Have Deep Roots

With employees and team members who have been with us for over thirty years, we know the importance of longevity. Clean Green Merino is committed to preserving our resources and honoring the amazing properties of Merino Wool. Annually sustainable, biodegradable and completely natural, Merino Wool has properties that are not found anywhere else on the planet. We bring them to you in clothing that keeps you comfortable and ready for your next adventure. 

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